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Hello, I am my name is Maria Jones a product sourcing manager in an export company here in my country. I have a very profitable business I would like your company to handle and execute on a partnership basis. There is this client of mine who is a wealthy cattle farmer here in my country.The farmer (Alhaji) is the owner and CEO of a very big cattle farm here in Turkey. He also owns cattle farms in many other countries in Africa. My client is in urgent need of a certain important cattle vaccine for his cattle. He is presently in need of more than 3500 cartons of this important vaccine. We will get the vaccine from Europe at a price of EUR575 per carton of 12 bottles and supply to the farmer at EUR1250. If your company can handle the supplies, do inform me so that I can provide you with full details of the contract and go ahead to link you up with Alhaji so that you can discuss with him directly. Kindly contact me via my private email address: jonesmaria598@yahoo.com You can as well travel to turkey to meet with him personal because this is a very big contract,I assure you that we are going to make a huge profit from the supplies. This contract is 100% risk free and guaranteed returns. With regards, Maria Jones

- Maria Jones

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