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- Suzanna Chung

I was in bambili when it all started, the first day it was just in town, the next day it was bambili, gunshots, infront of the university I could see a huge fire from the veranda of my cité, it was very scary, the next morning a papa that I knew as a bank security officer was said to have been shot, that same day the army invaded bambili, I had to abandone the school I came for and run for my life, back to dla it was a very hard time adapting with French system at the famous university of Dla, between transport fair which was troat cutting and understanding my course was a real struggle, finally I gave up because of lack of support

- Bansopride

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- SuedokG

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- JamessnusaWD

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- Mike Stevenson

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- Elaine Wilkins

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- Jeffrey

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- JaneSeikeaabbeMD

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- Flora

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- callmenawHM

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- KennethFopsyOG

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- Mike Neal

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- MichaeldeernQL

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- Alecia Clemente

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- HectorfixVV

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- Ivory Wingate

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- PeterduardXH