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S’il m’était donné de mettre un TERME à ces boucheries, j’aurais : 1- Décrété l’Etat d’urgence ou l’Etat d’exception ( Art. 9 al.1 et 2 de le Constitution ) ; 2- Quadrillé le NOSO avec une barrière de sécurité ; 3- Intimé l’ordre à tous les civils innocents de partir de là, avec un cordon de sécurité et des checkpoints disséminés tout le long de la route et des pistes ; Tout le monde passe au scanner... pour traverser il faudra avoir patte blanche. Ne me parlez surtout pas des défis logistiques et migratoires, si une bombe nucléaire venait à exploser là-bas ou une éruption volcanique, ils seraient bien évacués et recasés ailleurs. 4- A compter de la date JJ / MM/ AAAA , toute personne retrouvée dans la Région quadrillée serait considérée comme terroriste, sans aucune distinction de sexe, ou d’âge. Des dispositions spéciales auraient été prises pour des personnes à mobilité réduite , femmes enceintes et enfants. En outre , les autorités administratives et FMO auraient été instruites de prendre des mesures pour interdire l’approvisionnement en vivres à l’intérieur de la zone quadrillée ( Les terroristes aux abois et paniqués seraient tentés de faire des réserves alimentaires... non il faut les affamer.) . 5- Le JJ à minuit, après y avoir coupé internet et les communications téléphoniques civiles, les troupes terrestres, aériennes et maritimes auraient investi la zone quadrillée pour la nettoyer de ses éléments nocifs. Aucune bavure possible. Écrasés les terroristes seraient , rasés en moins de 06 semaines...même s’il aurait fallu user du Napalm. Ne me parlez pas de la reconstruction, il y’a de l’argent pour ça. Les armes récupérées, tout passé au peigne fin. Aucun nouvel innocent ne serait mort. J’aurais instauré la « Solution Finale »... Et je vous assure que ce problème aurait été définitivement résolu .

- Leo

For the past few years, governments and a variety socio-political corps have been seeking and proposing a bunch of hypothetical measures to end this crisis, but yet these measures and proposals haven't been successfully implemented. Reasons for these failures can't really be thoroughly investigated as the cause of this crisis doesn't seem to be from some human/physical intervention. In my humble opinion, the cause of this crisis stems right from the garden of Eden. The Serpent/Satan who has constantly been instigating humanity against God, is the root of the problem here. God's program for humanity was meant for an everlastingly peaceful environment. But that got shattered once the serpent interposed between man and God. Therefore, guys, I would suggest that, after having searched and tried various intellectual/technological/political solutions, which didn't result to anything conclusive enough, I believe it's high time to gear our efforts towards shutting down the eavesdropper that stands between man and God. Reading these lines, one might perceive a call to some religious inclination or what not. But this is not about religion guys, this is about fate. We harvest what we sow. The Mobile/Web app will keep working as it was intended in its requirement specification, unless a bug has been accidentally or forcefully injected within it. You see, there is nothing about religion in this scenario. What I'm saying here is this, it's high time we fix the bug injected by the Serpent into humanity some thousands of years ago. And this can only be done by stripping ourselves off from our ego, our belief systems, quarrels, passions (James 4:1-3), etc., and seeking our creator's face (2 Chronicles 7:14), for who really is and what he really expects from us. It's in this line of thought that I propose my solution. It entails 2 phases; 1.) Collective prayers and fasting; 2.) An Exchange Community Web forum like DevC, but one which is custom-made, and dedicated to the mission of proposing prayer points inline with the current socio-political status and exchanging on godly daily living practices that will intrinsically draw us closer to God. I'm really lot much grateful for the benefits of a community like DevC Buea, for it has positively impacted me and many of my fellows out there and it seriously meant a lot to me when I stumbled on this link to ideas that would end the anglophone crisis. So then, brothers and sisters, what if we built such a forum for this unique issue? what if we geared our God-given talents to impact our nation? Religious belief systems, or constitutional manifestations, weren't able to appease this situation. Let's gather in one accord using science and technology for the betterment of our society and our country. Remember: Whatever's impossible to MAN is possible to GOD (Matthew 19:26) Regards,

- Anonymous

Proposals for #EndAnglophoneCrisis demands 1. A complete cease fire of all armed operations guaranteed by an independent and impartial party (this could be hard to enforce due to the different factions within the separatists). Perhaps the Cameroon military can just stand down? 2. The convening of a Constituent Assembly to draft a new federal constitution in order to guarantee a more perfect union within which separate identities, language and history are guaranteed. 3. A clear road map on the reconstruction of the affected areas and the return of IDPs 4. Identification of all arrested during the crisis. Unconditional release of those arrested during and before the events of 22 09 2016 and case by case approach to those arrested thereafter. 5. Creation of an impartial and independent ad hoc tribunal (with the help of the independent and impartial mediator in point 1) to investigate, prosecute and punish crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrated by either side. I believe other important points such as the reform of law enforcement, compensation of victims can be done within the 5 points. #EndAnglophoneCrisis

- Lyon

What we need is a real dialogue not the so called Grand dialogue. If the government has good intentions and cares, this war can come to an end

- Martin

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