What do you suggest to end the crisis? Share your solution

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Proposals for #EndAnglophoneCrisis demands 1. A complete cease fire of all armed operations guaranteed by an independent and impartial party (this could be hard to enforce due to the different factions within the separatists). Perhaps the Cameroon military can just stand down? 2. The convening of a Constituent Assembly to draft a new federal constitution in order to guarantee a more perfect union within which separate identities, language and history are guaranteed. 3. A clear road map on the reconstruction of the affected areas and the return of IDPs 4. Identification of all arrested during the crisis. Unconditional release of those arrested during and before the events of 22 09 2016 and case by case approach to those arrested thereafter. 5. Creation of an impartial and independent ad hoc tribunal (with the help of the independent and impartial mediator in point 1) to investigate, prosecute and punish crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrated by either side. I believe other important points such as the reform of law enforcement, compensation of victims can be done within the 5 points. #EndAnglophoneCrisis

- Lyon

What we need is a real dialogue not the so called Grand dialogue. If the government has good intentions and cares, this war can come to an end

- Martin

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What do you suggest to bring back the peace and end this crisis ?